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When it comes to movies, it is always best to watch at cinemas since you will be able to watch the story unfold in a big screen and listen to it in vivid clarity.

Cinemas also show the latest movies and, in some instances, exclusive or limited-screening films not regularly shown in the entire country. Some cinemas can even be rented for private events and if you are lucky, special screenings where you get freebies and meet the stars in the film.

However, not all cinemas can provide offer a great cinema experience so what do you do when you want to watch a film or two in comfort? Here are our top five best cinemas in Singapore to look into and why they should be considered.

1. Golden Village – GVmax VivoCity

1 Harbourfront Walk, Singapore 098585

Opening Hours
Phone: +65 6653 8100

When it comes to being the largest cinema franchise in Singapore, Golden Village is the name you can trust.

This cinema has 13 multiplexes and almost 106 screens nationwide, offering a unique viewing experience. It has different cinema halls presenting the latest technology in cinema distribution and viewing. Currently, they have five different cinema halls – the intimate Gold Class, 3D- motion hall D-Box, the classic GV Max hall, the Dolby Atmos hall, the plush Gemini hall and the comfortable Duo Deluxe.

The shows in these cinema halls vary so you can catch the movies you may have missed in comfort and style. The cinema also offers a variety of promotional benefits and discounts every month, including exclusive merchandise for the films they showcase. For additional perks, you can register to their GV Movie Club membership through their website.

Golden Village can also be reserved for private or corporate events with each one of their cinema halls capable of seating 50 to 600 people. They also have a merchandise shop where you can get exclusive products related to the movies they featured.

If you want to watch in Golden Village, you can purchase your tickets early through their website or visit any one of their cinemas nationwide. You can also download the cinema’s mobile app to check the films currently screening or already featured.

2. Shaw Theatres – Waterway Point

B2-11, Waterway Point, 83 Punggol Central, Singapore 828761

Contact Us
Phone: +65 6738 0555

Looking for a theater that has a lot of history and film offerings for all ages? If that is a big yes, you can check out Shaw Theatres.

Shaw Theatres is a cinema franchise owned by the Shaw Family, a well-known Chinese family who contributed to the growth of Singaporean cinema and film since the 1920s. They have seven branches across the country with each cinema hall offering a different cinema experience, such as IMAX.

Shaw Theatres also offer regular promotions every month, as well as contests where viewers can have a chance to win some exclusive merchandise for the movies they will be watching in the theater. Aside from that, the cinema halls can be reserved for corporate or group bookings for special events.

If you wish to try out the Shaw Theatre experience, you can reserve your tickets through their website or through their mobile app. You can also visit any one of their branches to reserve tickets or cinema halls, or purchase one of their gift vouchers. Membership is also available through their website.

3. Cathay – Jem Platinum Movie Suites

50 Jurong Gateway Road Level 5 Jem, Singapore 608549

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Phone: +65 6736 7355

Are you a fan of Hindi, Malay and Japanese movies which are not normally shown in cinemas? If you are, then you should head on to Cathay Cineplexes’ Jem Platinum Movie Suites.

This cinema is Cathay Cineplexes’ most luxurious and comfortable offering to moviegoers as the seats in this cinema are leather recliner seats and there is a wider legroom. The suites also have Dolby Atmos sound systems, ensuring that the movie’s sounds are crisp and clear.

Aside from the latest blockbuster films, the cinema also features films from Japan, Malaysia and India which are not commonly shown in large cinemas. To add to the movie experience, the suites also come with food and drink menus where you can order and eat during the movie. Promotions and contest are also done regularly, and you can also reserve the cinema halls for private or corporate functions.

To reserve tickets, you can reserve through their website or visit their branch. When you reserve a ticket for one of their premiers, you even get a complimentary food platter which you can enjoy throughout the movie.

4. We Cinemas

321 Clementi Avenue 3, #03-03 321 Clementi, Singapore 129905

Contact Us
Phone: +65 6734 0068

Do you want to go to a cinema where you can get a lot of perks the more you visit their halls? We Cinemas is the place you should check out.

This cinema is owned by the Eng Wah Global Group, one of Singapore’s largest lifestyle and entertainment companies. It is the first cinema in the country to introduce 2K digital cinema, mobile ticketing and loyalty program to moviegoers. It is also the first to introduce 4K cinema viewing and considered as one of Singapore’s icons. It regularly has promotions, which can be availed depending on the movie you selected.

The cinema also has a First-Class hall where you have a larger leg room and lounge seats. You can also order from their first-class menu, which you can eat during the movie. Additional perks and services are available when you take part in their We Club membership.

To reserve tickets or book one of their cinema halls, you can go to one of their branches or through their website. You can also contact their hotline or email them at

5. Screening Room

12 Ann Siang Rd #03-00, Singapore 069692

Opening Hours
6:00PM – 1:00AM – Monday to Thursday
5:00PM – 3:00AM – Friday
5:00PM – 12:00AM – Saturday
CLOSED – Sunday

Contact Us
Phone: +65 6532 3357

If you are after a very private yet unique cinema experience, you should check out Screening Room.

This film theater, opened in 2007, is both an entertainment and dining venue which would appeal to moviegoers who want some privacy when they watch their favorite films. Each screening room looks like a living room and guests can lounge around on the sofas while they watch the film with food and drinks. In the evening, the film theater becomes a Champagne Lounge where visitors can unwind and enjoy some chic music and drinks. There is also an alfresco bar in the theater, offering some unique dishes for guests to try out. The theater can be rented out for other events.

If you want to reserve tickets or one of their halls, you can check out Screening Room’s address at 12 Ann Siang Road or contact them through their hotline, email at or by sending an inquiry form through their website.


When you watch movies in the cinema, the cinema you selected should be able to give you a flawless viewing experience and even perks that would add to the experience. When you visit one of these five cinemas, you will be treated to a one-of-a-kind cinema experience that would make you keep coming back for more.

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