Best Plumbing Services in Singapore

Plumbing trouble is one of the trickiest issues a household, a company or establishment has to face. It can cause accidents because of the leaks that can get on the floors. It can also produce a bad odor that will make anyone gag or become reluctant to come close to the affected area.

It can also be detrimental to everyone’s health because who knows what these leaks or chokings can contain.

So, what do you do when you notice that your bathroom or kitchen has a leak or there is something wrong with its functions?
Simple. You can check out the best plumbing services in Singapore you can rely on for those messy plumbing problems:

1. SG1 Plumber – Singapore Plumbing Service


Opening Hours
9:30AM – 6:30PM – Monday to Saturday
CLOSED – Sunday

Contact Us
Phone: +65 9061 0797

SG1 Plumber is one of the most noted plumbing companies in Singapore and has served Singaporeans for the past 10 years.

Since it was established, the plumbing company has been expanding its services to accommodate both residential and commercial plumbing requests. They can do plumbing installations across Singapore and install the latest and efficient plumbing fixtures to ensure efficient flow and release of water throughout the building.

They can also do repairs and replacements, which is SG1 Plumber’s many specialties. They will be able to do the repairs without affecting the overall lines and ensure no damage affects your drainage and water supply. Aside from repairs and replacements, they can also do clearing services for those stubborn clogs and messes. SG1 Plumber is also HDB Licensed so you can be assured that their work passes the standards.

To schedule an appointment with SG1 Plumber, you can contact the company through their office hotline or through WhatsApp. They also offer free quotation for your plumbing needs which you can acquire by filling up their inquiry form on the site. Every service they offer comes with a risk free 90 days workmanship warranty, which can be used if there is a problem with your drainage after they touched it.

2. Kiasuplumber – Plumbing Services 24 hour

20 Maxwell road #09-17 Maxwell House,
Singapore 069113

Opening Hours
Open 24 hours

Contact Us
Phone: +65 8820 5579

Do you need to get emergency plumbing problem sorted out in the middle of the night or just looking for a high quality plumbing service? If you are, you should check out Kiasuplumber.

Kiasuplumber is a family-owned and operated plumber in Singapore and has been operating for the past 25 years. The team is HDB approved and PUB Licensed and can respond to any emergency plumbing problem 24 hours a day. They also regularly train to ensure that they will be able to tackle any emergency plumbing problem you may have efficiently.

Kiasuplumber offers a wide variety of plumbing services, which include leakage detection and repair, fixture repair, backflow prevention, clogged sink, installation and repair, garbage disposal repair, trenchless underground pipes and pipe bursting. Aside from plumbing, they also offer electrical, painting and handyman services so you can get every service you need for your home under one company.

To contact Kiasuplumber, you can call their 24/7 hotline. Once your request is processed, the company’s plumbers will be in your location within 30 minutes and have all the tools necessary to sort out your problem. Every job order has a warranty to ensure that clients will be happy with the plumbing job. Prices are also explained clearly and no extra costs are added.

3. HDB Plumbers

Block 153 Batok Street 11, #02-294,
Singapore 650153, Singapore 650153

Opening Hours
6:00AM – 2:00AM – Monday to Sunday

Contact Us
Phone: +65 8491 6116

If you want an experienced plumbing service to check out your plumbing needs, HDB Plumbers is a group you should check out.
Operating for the past 20 years, HDB Plumbers offers plumbing services 24 hours a day. The company has a team of highly accredited plumbing contractors who are all trained to tackle any plumbing issue that you may dish out. From installation, clearing to maintenance, HDB Plumbers can do it for an affordable price.

For any urgent plumbing problems, you can contact HDB Plumbers through their hotline. HDB Plumbers do offer customized packages if you are looking for a particular plumbing service or setup for your house or establishment.

4. SGPlumbing


Opening Hours
7:00AM – 9:00PM – Monday to Sunday

Contact Us
Phone: +65 9227 9333

Another notable plumbing service in Singapore that offers great work is SGPlumbing.

SGPlumbing is owned by William, an experienced professional plumber, who can tackle any plumbing issue you may have in your home. He can be contacted at any time and offer great rates for both labor and the parts he will use for your plumbing problem. As he works on your plumbing issue, he can even give you tips to prevent similar instances from happening and he will even provide advice on what can be done to improve your plumbing. He also works very fast and efficiently.

To contact SGPlumbing, you can reach them at their official telephone or mobile number or email them at

5. Mr Plumber Singapore


Opening Hours
9:00AM – 9:00PM – Monday to Sunday

Contact Us
Phone: +65 6653 6258

Looking for a honest, experienced and transparent plumbing service to take care of your plumbing concerns? Checking out Mr. Plumber Singapore should be in your list.

Considered as one of the most recommended and reviewed plumbing service in Singapore, the 10-year old Mr. Plumber has a great team of PUB and BCA licensed plumbers that can help you with any plumbing problem you might think of: may it be residential or commercial plumbing. Their services include sorting out clear chokes from toilet bowls, basins, pipes, manholes and others, plumbing installation and repairs, and leakage detection and repair.

To schedule an appointment or service, you can contact Mr. Plumber Singapore’s phone numbers or contact them through Whatsapp. You can also get a quotation for their services by sending an inquiry form through their site or by calling to their office. When you contract their services, they can also provide a plumbing service warranty, which you can use in case there is a problem with their work.


Plumbing is a very delicate part of every infrastructure because it ensures that water lines flow continuously around the building, as well as direct the excess water or waste into the proper pipes. If there is a problem in your plumbing – may it be leaks or serious chokes – don’t do it yourself and ask a professional to check it out for you. One wrong move and you might end up causing some serious problems for your plumbing.

These five plumbing services will surely help you out so don’t hesitate to call them when you notice something off with your plumbing. Better be safe than sorry as they say!


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