How We Rate the Products & Services

How We Rate

Top Brands ratings give you the power to make informed choices when choosing products and services in Singapore. Choices that reflect your values, beliefs, and needs. The Top Brands rating system considers important factors to assess products and services.

But how do we rate these products and services?

Each product and service undergoes rigorous evaluation. We use a certain set of guidelines to determine each brand’s performance across different metrics.

We aim to provide honest and unbiased reviews. Each brand will receive the same level of consideration. We can assure you that no brand, product, or service will receive special treatment. Here are the factors that affect our evaluation study.

Criteria for Services

Industry Experience

We choose a well-established brand, preferably with more than 10 years of industry experience.


We list down key services and provide a comprehensive summary.


A business with a phone number, secured website, and social media presence – if any.

Service Quality


We categorize according to how their prices compare to other similar brands/products/services. Whether they have average or high prices, or are budget-friendly.

Scope of Services

We focus on their main services and list down key features that will help you make an informed choice.

Pros and Cons

We weigh in on their edge over their competition. What do they have that others in the same industry don’t?


We choose services with 3-star rating or above on Google Review. We also take into account customer feedback regarding their experience from other review websites

Awards and Achievements

We honor their achievements and awards, and will list them down to help you make informed choices.

Criteria for Products


Whether it’s an established or newly started business, we will help determine their credibility 


We categorize according to the product’s price range – whether it is average, high, or budget-friendly.


We choose products that are easily available through the business’ physical store, online website, etc.


We will also provide a comprehensive evaluation of the product’s key features and its selling point.

Special Features

Provide evaluation of the product’s special features – what makes this product stand out from similar products in the market.

Pros and Cons

List down the benefits of buying the product, as well as its disadvantages.

Customer experience and reviews

We choose products with a 3-star rating or above on Google Review. We will also take into account what customers who own the product have to say about it.

Awards and Achievements

Business and industry awards will also have weight in our evaluation process.