10 Best Car Battery Singapore Brands and Car Battery Replacement Services

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All car owners know that every car needs a reliable and efficient car battery. The sad news, however, is that car batteries don’t last forever. After many miles, it’s not uncommon to encounter a flat car battery and have to approach car battery replacement services for a new one. 

But how can you tell which car battery brands are best, or whether a car battery replacement service that sounds too good to be true is reliable?

In this article, Top Brands runs through the best car battery options currently available on the Singapore market. We also review the most trusted car battery replacement service companies you can use when your vehicle batteries need renewing. 

Whether you drive standard cars or commercial vehicles, we’ll help you find the best car battery services at the best prices in Singapore.

Recommended Brands for Car Batteries in Singapore

  1. Banner
  2. Amaron
  3. Exide
  4. Varta
  5. Bosch

Whether you demand the highest standard from car batteries or you’re simply looking for a budget replacement option, there are a wide variety of car battery brands currently available in Singapore. Finding the best car battery brand to suit you means considering what type of cars you drive, what level of peak power and long life you expect, and what price you are ultimately willing to pay. Here are some of our favourite car battery brands on the market:

If you want impressive peak power and long life from your vehicle battery, Banner Car Battery is one of the most reliable brands in the car battery business. They offer high quality, leak resistant car batteries that require virtually zero maintenance – and their products are always available at competitive prices, too.

Widely recognized as an industry giant, The Amaron Car Battery brand is best-known for its unique SilverX formula, which is said to extend the life span of its car batteries significantly compared to car batteries offered by competitors. Customer reviews suggest that SilverX works a treat. What’s more, all Amaron car batteries come with a 12-month warranty that allows you to really put the company’s claims to the test.

Exide Car Batteries have built up quite the reputation for themselves in recent years on account of their reliable, zero maintenance products. Exide Car Batteries dates back to 1958 and offers competitive prices on replacement batteries fit for Asian and European continental cars. Their products also boast a high reserve capacity for car owners who demand high quality electronics products.

German automotive brand Bosch is probably the first name most Singaporeans think of when they need to purchase a car battery. Unlike other brands, this household name has been in the business for generations. In fact, it was first established way back in 1886. 

Today, Bosch car battery products are well-known for their high performance and state-of-the-art AGM technology, though their products might not always be the cheapest on the market.

If you drive a Mercedes, BMW or other luxury brand vehicle, you’ll struggle to find a replacement battery that’s a better fit for your cars than a Varta Car Battery. Varta offer a wide range of high performance car batteries. 

These products can handle the higher power output typically required by top-end cars, which are usually kitted out with more demanding electronics and entertainment features than regular vehicles. If you want quality and reliability at competitive prices, look no further.

Top Car Battery Replacement Services in Singapore

If you have a flat car battery or other battery problem, choosing a product from the best car battery brands in Singapore outlined in our list above is only the first part of your solution. Unless you have a background in professional mechanics, you’ll no doubt want to find a car battery service to fit your replacement battery to your vehicle, too. 

Here are our top picks for the best car battery replacement services in Singapore:

  1. QuickFix
  2. AAS
  3. Stamford Tyres
  4. Pitstop.sg
  5. Khai Wah
QuickFix Car Battery Service Homepage

Price Range
Cheap – Request a quote

280 Woodlands Industrial Park E5, 01-03/04 Harvest @ Woodlands, Singapore 757322 

Opening Hours
Monday to Sunday, 24/7

Contact Us
Phone: +65 8671 8674 or Whatsapp

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Having a car battery problem can be super-stressful – particularly if a battery fail occurs in the middle of the night. Fortunately, QuickFix Car Battery Service offers 24/7 emergency car battery replacement and jump start services, no matter where you are on Singapore Island. 

This highly-rated company promises to assist customers within one hour or less, and offers quality used car batteries as well as brand new ones to suit all budgets.

Service Highlights

  • 24/7, 365-day hotline with fast service provided
  • Offers new and used car batteries to suit all budgets
  • Scheduled replacement services with professional mechanics are also available

Customer Review

“Fast service. Good price – polite and nice guys who don’t con you. Thank you and will recommend them for ANY car. Thanks, guys, for saving the day.” – Vik Pillai

“Great service and fast response from Zac! Settled within an hour from my call! Manage to pick up some tips on battery lifespan from him too! Kudos.” Alvy Yong

Automobile Association of Singapore Homepage

Price Range
Average – Membership sign up required

2 Kung Chong Road, 06-01 AA Centre, Singapore 159140

Opening Hours
Monday to Sunday, 24/7

Contact Us
Phone: +65 6748 9911

Everyone on Singapore Island has heard of the Automobile Association of Singapore – the city state’s primary motoring association. You’ll need to become a member to use their roadside assistance and car battery replacement services, but you’ll benefit from 24/7 service and tons of lifestyle benefits as part of the price you pay. 

The AAS offers high performance car batteries and replacement services when and wherever you need them.

Service Highlights

  • Second-to-none reputation for auto parts and services
  • Almost all the most reliable and best car battery brands are available
  • 24/7 roadside assistance available for cars and commercial vehicles members   

Customer Review

“Battery replacement program comes with 2 years warranty with on-site 24×7 check and replace policy. Best I know in Singapore.– Sualiman Hamfiah

“The gentlemen tested my battery and confirms its dead and I had one replaced on the spot!Super convenient!!!” Angus Seow

Stamford Tyres Homepage

Price Range
Average – Request a quote

19 Lok Yang Way, Jurong, Singapore 628635

Opening Hours
Monday to Sunday, 9am to 7pm

Contact Us
Phone: +65 6268 3111

If you need to resolve a car battery problem or replace a flat battery abroad, Stamford Tyres has branches not just in Singapore, but in Malaysia, all over South East Asia, and in over 90 countries worldwide. Dating back to the 1930s, this long-established auto parts company offers battery services at superb prices and a wide variety of replacement brand name parts. Think of it as a one-stop shop for all your car maintenance needs.

Service Highlights

  • Multiple locations across Singapore and abroad
  • Customers can purchase a range of high quality auto parts as well as batteries
  • Their reliable, professional mechanics are consistently praised in customer reviews   

Customer Review

“My family and I have been their regular for over 10 years! The store manager, Mr Thomas Leong, is the reason we have always patronized them! Very friendly, hardworking and always very patient and helpful! His after-sales service is top class!” – Nicholas

“Very helpful tech support. Not about money but about genuinely helpful services. Checked for slow leak found nothing. Fixed back. No charge. Genuinely honest guys.” – Razm Rahmat

Pitstop Singapore Car Battery and Tyre Services Homepage

Price Range
Cheap – Request a quote for free online

114 Lavender Street, 08-80 Singapore 338729

Opening Hours
Monday to Sunday, 24/7


Contact Us
Phone: +65 8694 5505 or Whatsapp

Singaporeans facing car battery woes can retrieve a replacement quote from Pitstop.sg for free. Their website enables customers to quickly and easily filter car battery types by vehicle, brand, size and more – and their quality products always have competitive prices. 

Pitstop.sg even offers a 24/7 service, making this provider an excellent choice for anyone who values reliability and flexibility.

Service Highlights

  • Customers can get a free repair / maintenance quote and enjoy $10 off their second visit
  • Easy-to-use website makes it easy to browse stock and purchase your preferred car battery brands
  • 24/7 battery services are available to all customers   

Customer Review

“Quick, efficient, hassle free and friendly at a reasonable cost. Thank you!” – Saul Alvarez

“Excellent service. In just 30 minutes they reached my place. Value for money. Very nice and humble.” – Paul Rajeevan Emmanuvel

Kha Wah Battery and Tyre Homepage

Price Range
Average – Request a quote

453 Tagore Industrial Avenue, Singapore 787824; 117 Ubi Avenue 4, Singapore 408792

Operating Hour
Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm and Saturdays, 9am to 5pm


Contact Us
Phone: +65 6292 6700

No matter whether you drive regular cars or commercial vehicles, Khai Wah Battery and Tyre can help you with all your car battery and auto parts replacement needs. First established as a bicycle repair store way back in 1974, Khai Wah today services vehicles of all shapes and sizes, and offers car battery products from top car battery brands like Exide Car Batteries and Bosch. They also have two local branches here in Singapore.

Service Highlights

  • Superb product range, with all popular car battery brands available
  • Customers can purchase car battery replacement, tyre service, car inspections, aircon replacement and more
  • Top mechanics stationed in-house offering a reliable car battery service 

Customer Review

“Very friendly and helpful service! I’m a satisfied customer of them. Keep up the good work!” – Stephanie Leepiano

“Went to the shop to replace my car battery as advised by my car service centre. Met Donny, the owner, today. He was a friendly guy and dished out advice on how to maintain and prolong the car’s battery life.” – YingKiat Pang

What to Consider When Choosing Car Batteries or Flat Car Battery Replacement Services

There are several things Singaporeans should consider when choosing a new car battery or calling a car battery service to enquire about battery replacement. Some key things you should think about, are:

Prices, Costs and Fees

Car batteries and car battery services don’t always come cheap. Always shop around and request quotes to find the car battery or car battery replacement service that offers the best value for money

The Type of Battery You Need

Different cars and vehicles require different types of car battery. This is true in terms of size, capacity, power, performance and several other factors. Always research what kind of battery your car needs before you purchase any car battery products. Better yet, ask trained mechanics stationed in Singapore for product recommendations.

Reliability and Longevity

The best car battery brands sell all different kinds of battery products, offering different performance and quality levels. Consider whether it’s worth paying more for a zero maintenance or long life product – and make sure replacement services can source brand products you can trust.

How Top Brands Rate and Review the Car Battery Products and Services We Recommend

Here at Top Brands, our mission is to help readers make a better decision on which products and services in Singapore are right for them. Every product, service or website we rate and review undergoes the same rigorous criteria and checks.

We will only ever recommend products and services that have a solid industry reputation, fair and competitive prices, satisfactory services and a secure website or phone number. This means we’ll never direct you toward a second-rate company or brand. You can find out more about the criteria we use here.

Our Verdict – Which Car Battery Brands and Car Battery Replacement Services Are Best?

So, there are tons of car battery brands out there offering great products at competitive prices, but which is best for you? It’s important for all car owners to think carefully about their unique vehicle battery needs before comparing car batteries and car battery services – as this will help you find the most appropriate battery product and replacement service. Don’t forget:

  • Different cars and vehicle types might be better suited to different car battery brands
  • The stock and range of products that battery replacement services offer can vary from place to place
  • A qualified mechanic will usually be able to recommend the best high performance battery for your unique vehicle

Here at Top Brands, we want our readers to be able to make a better decision whenever they purchase a product or services in Singapore. Subscribe to our newsletter today for the latest product news, reviews and updates.