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10 Best Cheap Car Rental Companies in Singapore From $45 Daily

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At a time when car ownership costs are rising and public transport services are becoming increasingly hectic, many Singaporeans are turning toward car rental companies to get themselves from A to B. 

There are tons of trusted local car rental companies in Singapore that have been in the business for many years. That said, finding the best one to suit you requires an understanding of the market and a willingness to shop around. 

Most car rental companies typically charge between $50 to $100 per day on average for a basic sedan, but in this article, we’ll reveal some excellent value companies offering car rentals from just $45. 

As with any product or service, it’s important to determine your unique needs before you rent cars – particularly if you’re interested in a long term car rental. This guide will help you find the best car rental company to suit your unique requirements.

How Much Do Car Rentals Cost in Singapore? 

Whether you’re looking for a budget car rental company, exotic car rental or high-end limousine services, there are huge price differences between car rental services in Singapore. 

The first thing to be aware of is that the type of vehicle you require will affect the rate you’ll be expected to pay – with the best cheap car rates usually available on smaller or more basic vehicles. 

Here’s a breakdown of some typical rental rates you can expect to pay:

Vehicle Type Average Rental Rates Typical Car Rental Usage
4-5 seater sedan $50 – $100 per dayPersonal or family use 
7-8 seater SUV / MPV $150 – $200 per dayPersonal or family use
Small Passenger Van or Truck $110 – $500 per dayTransporting goods or people (e.g. moving house) 
Luxury Cars $200 – $950 per daySpecial occasions (e.g. weddings or parties) 

As you can see, prices can vary considerably depending on the type of car rental you require. That said, this is not the only issue that influences car leasing costs. 

The total amount car rental companies in Singapore charge you will depend on other factors, too – such as whether you require a short term car rental or long term car rental. 

The above examples are based on basic short term car rental needs, while the table below runs through some typical costs of longer-term car rentals of between one week and one month:

Vehicle Type Average Rental Rate
(1 week)
Average Rental Rate
(1 month)
4-5 seater sedan $450 – $900$1,500 – $2,700
7-8 seater SUV / MPV $720 – $1,300$2,000 – $4,000

Ordinarily, car rental companies in Singapore will offer a discounted daily rate for long term car rental. This means renting a car for a month will usually have a cheaper per-day cost than renting it for just one week or a couple of days. 

That said, you might want to think about car leasing services as opposed to car rental if you wish to drive the vehicle for longer than a month. Long term car leasing can sometimes offer better long term rental rates. This is particularly true if you are willing to opt for a one-year contract, as these tend to have a fixed fee pricing structure.

By comparison, standard rental car rates are very rarely fixed. Rental cars leased on public holidays or during peak periods, such as weekends, might incur higher fees, particularly if you are renting over an extended holiday period, such as Chinese New Year or Christmas. Some car rental companies might also charge higher rates if you intend to use your rented car to cross the border into Malaysia or take an out of town trip. 

Top Cheapest Car Rental Companies in Singapore

Securing your perfect Singapore car rental means shopping around, researching what kinds of rental services are available and reading customer reviews to find out what kind of car rental experience other customers have encountered. 

Whether you’re looking for affordable car rates, a full service leasing program, tailored rental packages or the best car rental company for luxury sports cars, here is our pick of the best car rental companies available right now:

  1. Lion City Rentals
  2. Budget Car Rental
  3. Car Leasing Exclusive Limo and Car Rentals
  4. AKA Car Rental 
  5. Eazi Car Leasing
  6. Ace Drive 
  7. Sixt Car Rental
  8. Drive.SG
  9. Island Car Rental
  10. Swee Seng Leasing

Lion City Rentals Homepage

Price Range
Cheap – starting at $45 per day

60 Jalan Lam Huat, Level 4, Singapore 737869; No.5 Toa Payoh West, Level 1, Motorway Building, Singapore 318877

Opening Hours
Monday to Saturday: 9:00 am to 5:00pm


Contact Us
Phone: +65 6252 5525

Lion City Rentals offers a respected automobile rental service that’s a great fit for budget car rental, particularly if short term car rental is your primary goal. Customers can rent a car for as little as $45 per day for a minimum of one week, with a deposit of just $100 required on the most basic vehicles.

Lion City Rentals might not be the oldest car rental company on the market, but its past ties with Uber and exemplary customer reviews suggest that this is a reliable car rental company offering an affordable car rental service that’s certain to impress. What’s more, the company is owned by auto industry heavyweight WayDrive Holdings, offering additional peace of mind to car borrowers.

Service Highlights

  • Car servicing, maintenance and repairs are all carried out in-house, making Lion City Rentals a great choice for Grab or Uber drivers
  • Customers can take cars outside of Singapore, including to Malaysia (but fees may apply)
  • Car borrowers have the option to rent now and pay later 

Customer Reviews

“My experiences with Lion City Rentals have been very good. When I came in, I fell in love with the whole company’s set up from the sales office to workshop. I was attended to by Mr Dannie who portrayed sound knowledge and communicated clearly on the terms and conditions, ensuring I understood. I am impressed. Overall, I am pleased and very proud to say I am with Lion City Rentals.” – Ken Tan

Budget Car Rental Singapore Cover Image

Price Range
Cheap – starting at $58 per day

Changi Airport Terminal 3; 390A Havelock Road, #01-07 Waterfront Plaza Singapore 169664

Opening Hours
Monday-Friday: 8:00 am to 5:00pm
Saturday: 9:00 am to 1:00pm

Contact Us
Phone: +65 1800 305 5390

Budget Car Rental is one of the best recognised car rental brands in the world, headed by the industry-leading Avis Budget Group. Like most international car rental companies, Budget Car Rental offers flexible car rental services from tons of different pick up and drop off locations. They also offer virtually every kind of vehicle available, from luxury sports cars to SUVs and MPVs, as well as the option to rent vans. 

With two locations in Singapore, some superb add-on services for families and a long history of awards and accolades, Budget Car Rental is truly hard to beat – particularly if you’re looking for a flexible provider.

Service Highlights

  • Car servicing, maintenance and repairs are all carried out in-house, making Lion City Rentals a great choice for Grab or Uber drivers
  • Customers can take cars outside of Singapore, including to Malaysia (but fees may apply)
  • Car borrowers have the option to rent now and pay later 

Customer Reviews

“Had the experience of renting a Mazda 3 for a weekend before Chinese New Year. Received a really new car (approximately 3 years old). Loved how it happened to come with a sunroof. Fast service and incident-free rental.” – Corinne Sim

Exclusive Limo Cover Image

Price Range
Expensive – specializes in luxury limousines and executive cars

435 Orchard Road, 11th Floor, Wisma Atria, Singapore 238877

Opening Hours
Monday-Friday: 9:00 am to 6:00pm
Saturday: 9:00 am to 2:00 pm

Contact Us
Phone: +65 6285 0020

CL Leasing is another great car rental service in Singapore for both short-term and long-term coverages. The company has been in the car rental industry for the past 5 years since they started out in 2013 with just Japanese-made cars offered for rent. However, as they expanded, they increased the number of cars they have on lease: from simple cars to luxury sports cars. You can rent cars as short as one day and as long as 10 days depending on your needs. If you wish to lease a car from CL Leasing, you can check their website, Facebook page or call their hotline for more details. Their customer service is open for 24 hours so you can get the best deals at the right price or get some help if the car suddenly breaks down. If you rent cars from them, you will get regular calls from the company to sort out your car’s maintenance.

Service Highlights

  • Car Leasing Exclusive Limo and Car Rentals are open 24/7 for customers in need
  • Luxury cars and vehicles can be used in Malaysia if customers wish
  • Prices are always fixed, with no additional charges

Customer Reviews

“We had a short-term rental experience with Exclusive Limo & Car Rentals. They offer the cheapest month car rental. The office was neat and spacious. I highly recommend their car rental service.” – Sheila Po

“Great thanks to Johnny for the fantastic car rental service. Car was in very good condition, kids loved it, he was very professional yet helpful, and this was my most pleasant experience yet with any rental company even overseas. Look him up when you need somebody dependable (which would be like … all the time?)” – Eugene Teo

AKA Car Rental Office

Price Range
Average – car rentals starting from $80

1 Commonwealth Lane #02-05, Singapore 149544

Opening Hours
Monday-Friday: 10:30am to 7:00 pm

Contact Us
Phone: +65 9800 0933 or +65 8188 0754

AKA Car Rental offers an affordable car rental service aimed at P Plate drivers and young motorists in Singapore. This makes it one of the best car rental companies in town for drivers aged under 21, who can often face inflated prices and frustrating restrictions when booking with large international car rental companies. 

This top-rated local car rental service offers rentals from $80 per day, which can include pick-up and drop-off in either east or west Singapore if the customer prefers. A new and pre owned vehicle selection of sedans, SUVs and more is available, no deposit is required on most car rentals and insurance coverage is excellent.

Service Highlights

  • Full insurance coverage for all customers, including younger and P Plate drivers
  • Tailored rental packages available to suit all customer types
  • 24-hour roadside assistance is provided, as well as an accident service

Customer Reviews

“Will recommend AKA Car Rental to my friends! The staff are friendly. Price is very reasonable. Car is clean and wide variety.” – Satish Live

“AKA Car Rental is professional and reliable! First time renting from AKA and definitely won’t be the last! Cars is very new and clean! Excellent Rental company! Served by Kenny with amazing service! Thank you!” – Daniel Lim

EAZI Car Leasing Home Page

Price Range
Average – Car rentals from $55 per day

221 Henderson Rd,, #01-05,Henderson Bldg, 1 Bukit Batok Crescent, WCEGA Plaza, #02-43 Singapore 658064

Opening Hours
Monday-Friday: 10:00 am to 7:00pm
Saturday: 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Contact Us
Phone: +65 6684 0762

Whether you’re looking for long term car leasing, standard short term car rentals or high-end limousine services, Eazi Car Leasing has it all – and at affordable prices, too. Dating all the way back to 2007, Eazi Car Leasing is a trusted local name in leasing services and a superb option for anyone in need of a leasing program. 

On top of this, Eazi offers highly respected automobile rental services which consistently attract five-star reviews on Google. Car servicing, maintenance, repairs, roadside assistance, and other car related services are also all widely available – as are hybrid and electric cars for eco-conscious customers.

Service Highlights

  • All kinds of car related services on offer at reasonable prices, from car leasing to limousine services and more
  • Discounts and promotions available during peak periods and holidays
  • Customers can drive to Malaysia by paying a small additional fee

Customer Reviews

“Cars are cleaned, vacuumed and sanitised for me on the spot. Great rates, too, no trouble like from car sharing apps and other companies I’ve tried. Had a bit of damage caused, but the salespeople were nice to let me off as they say can polish, all good. Will come again.” – Tex Rex

“Had a cool experience with them. Nice car, given me a weekday rate on weekend. Friendly staff. Will rent again and again.” – Wee Peng

Ace Drive Cover Image

Price Range
Expensive – car rental from $110 per day

50 Ubi Ave 3, #05-06 Frontier Building, Singapore 408866

Opening Hours
Monday-Saturday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Contact Us
Phone: +65 6585 5555

Ace Drive markets itself as “Singapore’s premier car rental and leasing provider” and we certainly agree it’s one of the best local car rental companies out there – particularly if you’re looking to rent or lease luxury cars at competitive prices. 

Ace Drive has been in the business for decades and has won Singapore Tatler’s Best Car Rental Company Award multiple times. Looking at their customer reviews and extensive new and pre owned vehicle selection, it’s not hard to see why – customers can rent anything from high-end Maseratis, Ferraris and Porsches to budget vehicles and more.

Service Highlights

  • Amazing luxury sports cars selection with a nearly-new average fleet age
  • Corporate car rental, expat car services and wedding car rental services all readily available
  • Competitive exotic car rental packages on offer with full insurance coverage and a 24/7 customer hotline

Customer Reviews

“Hazel was extremely professional and helpful when my father needed to rent a car urgently as his personal car had to be sent to a workshop. She managed to arrange a car for my father very quickly and it was a fuss-free experience! Would greatly recommend Ace Drive to my friends and family.” – Dione Tan

“The whole rental process was seamless; all the forms were properly documented/ trustworthy handover. Thank you, Farah and Gary, will look for you guys next time round!” – Darren Lopez

Sixt Car Rental Homepage

Price Range
Average – with car rental costs payable on an hourly basis

293 Kaki Bukit Ave 1, #03-0, Singapore 416081

Opening Hours
Monday-Saturday: 9:00am to 6:00pm


Contact Us
Phone: +65 6423 9566

If you have a unique car rental request or requirement, the Sixt customer service team can make it work. Whether you want exclusive limo car rentals with a chauffeur who will take you all around the island, a super short-term rental that’s payable by the hour or just a regular rental car, Sixt has got you covered. 

What’s more, Sixt is one of the best recognised car rental brands globally, with locations in more than 100 countries worldwide – meaning customers can always be sure this is a car rental company they can trust.

Service Highlights

  • Both car rental and leasing services available to Singaporean customers
  • Superb limousine service on offer with private chauffeurs available
  • Extensive membership benefits and points-earning potential for existing Sixt customers

Customer Reviews

“Excellent customer service! New Cars! I must say Sixt Rent a Car Singapore is a Gem in this market. I would strongly recommend Sixt to anyone who intends to rent a car with peace of mind.” – Chetiya Ratnakara

“Good service. Rented a Golf a few days ago. Car is very clean and well maintained. Looks new. Staff are responsive. Very good user experience. Highly recommended.” – Chia Yu Hui

Drive Singapore Cover Image

Price Range
Cheap – from $45 per day

51 Ubi Ave 1, #03-30, Singapore 408933

Opening Hours
Monday-Friday: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm


Contact Us
Phone: +65 6423 9566 or WhatsApp

Drive.SG is a rental Singapore car comparison website that offers a quick and easy way for drivers to compare different companies that offer rental services. Customers who want to secure the best value for money possible can browse listings from more than 50 different companies to find the best price on the market.

Service Highlights

  • Endless choice of vehicles available, with more than 50 rental companies to choose from
  • Convenient pick-up and drop-off locations all across Singapore
  • Customers can easily filter their preferences to find the most appropriate rental Singapore

Customer Reviews

“Booking of vehicles has been a seamless process from booking on the website to driving the car. The system is reliable and the staff have been helpful enquiries. The cars provided were 9/10. Good condition and the prices are much cheaper.” – Ryan Tan

“Made a last minute reservation with Drive.SG. Customer Service was very helpful with my request. Will book again with them.” – Jonny Chen

Price Range
Average – from $90 per day

Blk 859A Woodlands Street, 83 Singapore 731859 Carpark Deck 4B; Blk 3, #01-523 Haig Rd (Asian Minimart) Singapore 430003; Blk 673, Yishun Ave 4 Singapore 761673 Multistorey Car Park – Deck 6A

Opening Hours
Monday-Friday: 10:00am to 7:00 pm


Contact Us
Phone: +65 9027 7786; +65 9220 8786; +65 9859 4785

Island Car Rental has a seriously impressive 4.9 out of 5 rating on Facebook, made up of more than 100 original customer reviews. With a reputation dating back to 2015 and three store locations across Singapore offering 60+ vehicles, Island Car Rental is a well-established, trusted company that offers some serious convenience to its rental Singapore customers.

Service Highlights

  • 3x rental Singapore locations, meaning an Island branch is never too far away
  • Excellent customer ratings and longstanding reputation
  • Flexible office hours

Customer Reviews

“Best car rental company for last minute rental. Very efficient and also reliable. Superb service!” – Azzeri Kahirudin

“The experience with Island car rental is smooth and satisfying. They answer your queries very carefully and give you tips on your rental. The car is also in good condition.” – Yi Zhang

Swee Seng Leasing Cover Image

Price Range
Average – from $70 per day

21 Toh Guan Road East, #03-02 Toh Guan Centre, Singapore 608609

Opening Hours
Monday-Friday: 6:00 am to 6:00 pm


Contact Us
Phone: +65 9783 3808

Whether you want to lease a regular sedan or hatchback, a large SUV or a spacious MPV, Swee Seng Leasing has it all. This rental Singapore company offers exceptional deals on long term lease vehicles and competitive short term rental rates starting from just $70 per day. Limousines are also available, and they offer a 24/7 telephone hotline.

Service Highlights

  • Large fleet size and 24/7 customer hotline
  • Limousines and short term rental Singapore are also available
  • Friendly staff are consistently praised in customer reviews

Customer Reviews

“Friendly staff. Nice clean ride… Superb service.”  – Kelvin Tan

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Car Rental Service

With so many amazing car rental companies out there offering all kinds of different rental rates, rental services and leasing services, car rental Singapore can be complicated and confusing. It’s important to think carefully about your unique needs and only ever rent cars or rent vans from Singapore car rental companies that can meet your expectations at a fair price. 

Before just jumping right in and renting a car from the cheapest car rental company you can find, you should compare the market, find a rental car firm that looks suitable and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What kind of insurance coverage do I need and does the company rent to P Plate drivers?
  2. Will I get a modern and reliable car, and is a replacement car offered if things go wrong?
  3. What do previous customers have to say about their car rental experience?
  4. Do they offer car rentals to corporate customers, and can I get a company discount?
  5. Will I get a modern car, or is the average fleet age older than my expectations?
  6. Could car sharing or leasing services be cheaper, or more suitable for my needs?

Most car rental companies will usually always be transparent about what is and isn’t included in their cheap car rates, and what rental services you might need to pay extra for. If in doubt, contact your preferred local car rentals or leasing services companies directly for clarification and be sure to weigh up all the car rental options available to you before making a final decision.

How We Rate and Review Car Rental Products and Services

Here at Top Brands, our mission is to help readers make informed decisions on which products and services in Singapore are most suitable for them. Every product, service or website we review undergoes the same rigorous criteria and checks. 

We will only ever recommend products and services that have a tried-and-tested industry reputation, fair and competitive prices, satisfactory services and a secure website or phone number. This means you can be sure we’ll never direct you toward a second-rate company or brand. You can find out more about the criteria we use here.

Our Conclusion – Which of These Car Rental Companies is Best?

There are several reasons people might want to rent a car in Singapore, and it’s important to note that your unique situation and needs will influence which of the car rental companies in Singapore we have recommended is the best fit for you.

  • Lion City Rentals and Budget Car Rental both offer an affordable car rental service that’s great for short term renters who want low car rental rates
  • Ace Drive Car Rental is the obvious choice for luxury sports car rental and Leasing Exclusive Limo Car Rentals is a no-brainer for limousine services. 

Here at Top Brands, our mission is to make it as easy as possible for our readers to make the right choices when purchasing popular products and services in Singapore. Subscribe to our newsletter today for regular rundowns and reviews of the best consumer products and services on the market right now.

Final Words

As cars become more expensive as years progress, it would be difficult to maintain it if you will only use it on rare occasions. If you do use it for your usual commute, you will have to worry about where you will park it and even pay for fuel. If you do not want to worry about keeping a car for these rare times you need to use one, just contact one of these car rental companies today and learn how you can drive a car around Singapore without having to own one.

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