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5 Best Electrical Services Singapore (Licensed Electricians)

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At home or office, there are plenty of things you can do yourself. For one thing, it saves you money. Oh, it can be fun, too – if you are the DIY type of person. But what about electrical equipment, appliances, and wirings? For safety, it is better to let one of the best electrical services in Singapore do the job.

Granted that professional service costs money, the rates are usually affordable. One way to look at it is that you are not only paying for the service. Even more important is that you are buying peace of mind.

Having decided to call in the pros, what do you do next?

In choosing an electrical service, these are the two things you never do:

  • Choose the one offering the cheapest pricing
  • Pick one without first doing due diligence

Electrical problems, in the worst-case scenario, not only can cause shock. It may also result in severe injuries and damage to properties. The last thing you want to do is to hire someone with little to no experience.

And, that is why we decided to publish this article. We pick Singapore’s best electrical services that provide reliable service and competitive prices. All you need to do is read up and talk to some of them. Any of these companies can send a licensed electrical worker your way

How Much Do Licensed Electricians Charge?

Licensed electricians have invested in themselves for years. As such, they should charge a reasonable price for their service. Refer to the table to have an idea of how much it costs to avail of electrician services.

Electrical Service Required Estimated Cost of Service
Install new wiring and rewiringS$1,000 to S$3,000
Install distribution boardS$400 to S$900
Replace distribution boardS$100 to S$150
Lighting installationS$40 to S$120
Electrical switch installationS$40 to S$100
Power socket installationS$40 to S$100
Aircon, washing machine, and water heater installation (power point installation)S$100 to S$150
Wall and ceiling fan installationS$60 to S$180

The companies listed in this article are all reputable. Still, you want to make sure they send only qualified professional electricians.

There are three classes of Energy Market Authority (EMA) licensed electricians. Each one would have a Licensed Electrical Worker (LEW) ID.

Licensed Electricians
Licensed Electrical Technicians
Licensed Electrical Engineers

Once you verify the status of the licensed electrician, relax and let the pro do his job.

Top Electrical Services in Singapore

Choosing the best electrician services Singapore has to offer is not an easy task. The factors used should also include two other things:

  1. Customer feedback that you can verify yourself. Here, we rely on Google Reviews.
  2. Digital presence, so you could properly do online research, especially if the job is complex.

In most cases, any of these top 7 electrical services can provide you with a licensed electrician in Singapore. For more extensive or intensive needs, do choose a specialized firm that has extensive experience.

  1. Everyworks Services
  2. Daylight Electrician Singapore
  3. LS Electrical Singapore & Electrical Services
  4. TK Electricians
  5. CWC Electrical Engineering Service
Everyworks Services Cover Image

Price Range:
Prices start at S$70.

1090 Lower Delta Road, #03-07, Singapore 169201

Opening Hours
Monday-Sunday: 9am to 9pm

Email Address

Contact Us
 Phone: +65 6909 0990 or WhatsApp

For one thing, Everyworks is not a specialized electrical service. Yet, it deserves your attention for one simple reason – convenience.

Everyworks Services is a one-stop portal that simplifies your home repair and maintenance needs online. Instead of searching for the best electricians in Singapore, for example, they can do it for you. Besides electrical, you can also avail of handyman, aircon, and plumbing services.

Is it possible to hire reliable electricians using Everyworks Services?

The answer is a resounding yes because the most recommended electrical service in Singapore – Daylight Electrician – is their brand.

Note: Daylight Electrician Singapore Services appears next on our list.

Service Highlights:

  • Quality Service Is Only a Message Away. Everyworks Services emphasizes customer care – from answering inquiries to booking professionals.
  • Licensed Electricians. You can rest assured that the electrician who comes knocking on your door is EMA-certified.
  • Competitive Pricing. Costs of electrical services are within a reasonable range. For some, it may even be a bargain, considering the quality of their customer support.

Google Review Average Rating: 5.0 stars (516 reviews)

Latest Customers Reviews (as of posting of this article):

“Tried to arrange handyman services with Marc and Rhae (customer support representatives) via WhatsApp. They were responsive, professional, and asked useful questions. Eventually found the date & time slots that worked for me. Got the ceiling LED light replaced by Mr. Houssain (electrician) and the bidet valve and sprayer installed by Mr. Khan (plumber). Both handymen arrived on time and did the jobs well.” – Palakorn Achananuparp (5 Star Rating)

“The electrician came early to resolve my electrical issues, and he did so at a quick pace. The attitude which he showed was one of utmost professionalism and dedication to the job. I really recommend his services.” – Proi Willapana (5 Star Rating)

Daylight Electrician Singapore Cover Image

Price Range
Prices start at S$70.

1090 Lower Delta Road, #03-07J, Singapore 169201

Opening Hours
Monday-Sunday: 9am to 9pm

Email Address

Contact Us
Phone: +65 6909 9921 or WhatsApp

Daylight Electrician Singapore offers reliable end-to-end electrical installation and repair. For over 20 years, they have been consistent in delivering impeccable service. Their services include emergency electrical work, installation of electrical wiring and rewiring, and troubleshooting power trips.

In 2019 and 2020, they topped the Best Electricians category in the Expat Living Singapore Reader’s Choice Awards. This recognition should not come as a surprise. After all, the quality of work they provide has earned them the reputation of being the most recommended electrical service in Singapore.

Service Highlights:

  • Qualified and experienced electricians. They only hire electricians certified by EMA, BCA, and IDA.
  • Quality assurance. Daylight Electrician offers a 30-days warranty on parts and workmanship.
  • Fast response time. Daylight Electrician has a reputation for quick response, especially their emergency electricians.

Google Review Average Rating: 4.9 stars (852 reviews)

Latest Customers Reviews (as of posting of this article)

“Mr Hossain came on time and managed to figure out that the problem with my heater lay with a loose fixture at the main circuit breaker instead of a fused switch. He did his job efficiently and explained the root of the problem to me. Thank you so much!” – Eunice Chan (5 Star Rating)

“Again, Daylight Electrician never disappoints and exceeds my expectations. I had engaged in their services a few times. Among them was to rectify the power trip in my flat when my ceiling leaked water. And they fixed it professionally and efficiently.

This time around I engaged again in their services to install my kitchen ceiling lights. From the normal lamps to track lights.

And again, they did the job as expected. Special mentions to the technician on-site: Mr Hossain & Mr Deb. And Customer Support: Ms Jackie & Mr Richard. As for the price, it’s affordable too.” – Remy Azhary Josef (5 Star Rating)

LS Electrical Singapore & Electrical Services Cover Image

Price Range
Prices not indicated. LS Electrical Singapore, though, has a reputation for charging reasonable rates.

28 New Upper Changi Road, #04-724, Singapore 460028

Opening Hours
Monday-Sunday: 8am to 10pm

Contact Us
Phone: +65 6797 9691

LS Electricians in Singapore take pride in their electrical work, not leaving until customers are satisfied. No matter what electrical issues you have, they can do these three things essentially:

  • Electrical troubleshooting
  • Electrical repair
  • Electrical installation

Do contact them if an electrical issue causes power failure, or you need help with a power socket and electrical wiring services for:

  • Ceiling fan installation
  • Water heater installation
  • Light installation

Whatever installation services you need, their experienced electricians can help.

Service Highlights:

  • Efficient Electricians. It stands to reason all the best electrical services have licensed electricians. The team from LS, in particular, is also prompt and highly efficient in doing their jobs.
  • Ease of Communication. On WhatsApp, phone calls, or in person, LS has commendable customer support and service. From inquiries to setting appointments, they handle everything professionally.
  • 100% Satisfaction. There is nothing much to say here. LS electricians will continue working until you are satisfied.

Google Review Average Rating: 4.8 stars (547 reviews)

Latest Customers Reviews (as of posting of this article):

“Thanks Jean for the prompt response. Requested for re-wiring my 4 room flat. Da Xiong and team did an awesome job, excellent service and professionalism.” – Yap Hock Chye (5 Star Rating)

“Jean was very helpful and provided a clear breakdown after sharing my issues via WhatsApp pics. Winson came on time to rectify my emergency issue. He was prompt and swift in fixing my light switches. Professional and fast service. A service I would highly recommend.” – Teewreckz (5 Star Rating)

TK Electricians Homepage

Price Range
Prices not indicated. TK Electricians, though, have a reputation for charging reasonable rates.

M-space, 6D Mandai Estate, #03-12, Singapore 729938

Opening Hours
Monday-Saturday: 9am to 6pm

Contact Us
Phone: +65 9115 8246

TK Electricians is not as popular as Daylight Electrician and LS Electrical. Still, they made our list of the finest electrician services in Singapore.

Who should call TK Electricians?

  • Residential customers. Install telephone wiring point, repair faulty light switch, light bulb replacement, and miscellaneous electrical repairs. In general, they can do all home electrical installation services.
  • Commercial customers. The electrical repair services in commercial establishments require highly skilled professional electricians. TK can send licensed electricians to handle complex electrical units and take care of all electrical problems.

Service Highlights:

  • Highly Trained Electricians. TK is one of the top electrical services to hire some of the best electricians in Singapore. They can handle complex electrical installations; they sure can manage residential electrical work well.
  • Customer Safety. There is no compromising the safety of human lives and properties. Their electricians in Singapore are insured and trained in handling dangerous situations.
  • Customer Satisfaction. TK understands the importance of satisfying the needs of customers. And so, they guarantee that each job they take results in a happy client.

Google Review Average Rating: 5.0 stars (82 reviews)

Latest Customers Reviews (as of posting of this article):

“Very responsive on WhatsApp to all my queries and the quotation. All the new points requested to be set up were set up very nicely! One of the most reasonable rates quoted after comparing a few quotes!” – Cheryl Tan (5 Star Rating)

“Engaged TK for some alteration services. Responsive thru WhatsApp over work to be done and quote. Transparent pricing. Try to accommodate over tight schedules. Awlad and Senthi came that day. Though busy and tired, they still did their job professionally. Happy staff, happy work done, happy customer.” – Chua (5 Star Rating)

CWC Electrical Engineering Service Homepage

8 Burn Road, #08-02/03, Trivex, Singapore 369977

Opening Hours
Monday-Sunday: 8am to 10pm

Contact Us
Phone: +65 9858 7555

For over 20 years, CWC Electrical Engineering Service has provided residential and commercial electrical services with high customer satisfaction. With such extensive experience, their EMA/BCA/IDA-certified electricians in Singapore can certainly handle small to complex projects. Moreover, they are one of the few that can provide Service & Maintenance Agreements with MCSTs, companies, and town councils.

Service Highlights:

  • Very experienced electricians. CWC electricians have been conducting electrical safety inspections, installations, and repairs for many years – from small to large projects.
  • Prestige. Not only does CWC cater to residential needs, but they also have some of the biggest brands in the world as their clients.

Reasonable price. Even for residential and emergency electrical services, their rates are affordable.

Google Review Average Rating: 4.8 stars (42 reviews)

Latest Customers Reviews (as of posting of this article):

“One of the few electrical service companies to have LEW-certified technicians. It is extremely important for your home consumer unit (also known as distribution board) to be serviced by a licensed electrical worker, as any defects, accidents or even deaths would be your legal responsibility if you allow maintenance to be performed by a non-licensed technician!

A technician (LEW 7) called Jacky responded to our call for assistance at 11pm, and competently tested the insulation resistance of the DB for diagnosis. We had an appliance plug that exploded due to capacitor blowout, resulting in MCB and line circuit breaker trips. Jacky helped us restore power within minutes. We also found that the RCCB wasn responding to the test button trips, which made it very dangerous during lightning strikes. As we were using Hager supplied boards, it was coincidental that CWC also provided Hager switchgear equipment, which was directly compatible with our installation. Costs were reasonable for the hour of call and the equipment replacement. – A bustling beast (5 Star Rating)

“It was such a great service rendered by Jacky. Called him today (public holiday – Good Friday), thank goodness he picked up. Talked to him briefly and explained the situation (power tripped, ELCB had an issue), he explained to us over the phone and quoted us the price (prices were reasonable, considering it was an emergency call on a public holiday).

Jacky reassured us it was a small issue and he would be able to come down in an hour to check and replace the RCCB for us. He also took time to explain the differences between China brand (current brand that HDB provides) and European brand and why it would be better to choose the latter. Jacky reached in about an hour plus and was practically drenched in sweat. He actually came over after attending to a call from a food establishment to fix their power. Thank you for attending to us even though we are just a humble HDB unit.

Our power tripped because of a power point socket my hub was working on prior and Jacky helped us to fix back the socket out of goodwill and now, both our power point socket and ELCB are fixed.

No hard selling, true to profession, provides splendid service and is very friendly + genuine. 10/10 would recommend. Although they provide 24hrs service, do note that it’s on a first come first serve basis and they may not be able to take up all the jobs if all their electricians are already working on someone’s call.” – Annjay Lim(5 Star Rating)

How Did We Rate and Review Each Electrical Service Featured Here?

For sure, there is no such thing as the perfect electrical service. In every job, things may not go as intended. But it is how electricians in Singapore respond that sets one apart from the others.

In choosing from so many electrical services, we created standard criteria to rank the candidates:

  • The legitimacy of the business and number of years in service
  • Contact information, including their digital presence
  • Scope of services provided and their customers’ perception of their work quality

Most important of all, we took notice of and took genuine customer reviews seriously. After much consideration, we chose the top 5 companies to hire the best electricians in Singapore.

Always Keep the Options Open for Electrical Services

Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. After a power failure, for example, the sudden surge of electricity when power is back can damage an electrical appliance. A faulty electrical extension, power socket, or wiring can trip circuit breakers.

Whatever electrical repair or electrical installation you need, call any of the companies listed in this article. Instead of contacting only one, try to reach at least three of them. For one thing, you can compare their prices. Also, one of them may not have an electrician available at the moment.

Keep these things in mind when hiring an electrician in Singapore:

  • During the inquiry, state the job(s) you need them to do, so they can also prepare the necessary materials and tools
  • Verify that the electrician who arrives is licensed
  • Ensure that the job a licensed electrician did is impeccable before accepting

In our review of the best electrical services in Singapore, we went through more than thirty companies before coming up with only five. We are confident that you could not go wrong with any of them for whatever electrical installation or repair work you need.

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