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5 Best Reliable Locksmith Services in Singapore Under S$

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Faulty door locks are among the most annoying “little but really a big deal” mishap that can happen. Lost or broken car keys (or any key for that matter) are just as perplexing. Sure, there are locksmiths everywhere in Singapore. But which one of them can you rely on and trust to do the job at a reasonable cost?

In this review, we picked the most reliable and trusted locksmiths in Singapore. In the unlikely event that you find yourself locked out of your home or car, you’d know whom to call.

What Is the Cost of Locksmith Services in Singapore?

The cost of locksmith services, in general, is not expensive. But they do add a premium on emergency services. For example, emergency unlocking costs 2 to 3 times more than the regular price. Car locks, too, would cost up to 2 times more than door locks.

At any rate, the prices indicated here are mere estimates.

Service Locksmith Service Price Emergency Locksmith Service Price
Unlocking door locks and other locksS$80 to S$150S$250 to S$350
Rekeying deadbolt locks and other locksS$80 to S$150S$250 to S$450
Key duplication and duplicate KeysS$10 to S$50S$100 to S$200
Lock repair servicesS$120 to S$180S$250 to S$350
Lock installation servicesS$120 to S$180S$250 to S$450

Top 5 Most Reliable Locksmith Companies in Singapore

  1. Vincent Locksmith
  2. AA Urgent Locksmith
  3. Little Locksmith Singapore
  4. Botak Locksmiths
  5. First Locks

Vicnent Locksmith Cover Image

Price Range
Prices not indicated. LS Electrical Singapore, though, has a reputation for charging reasonable rates.

Blk 109, McNair Road, Singapore 320109

Operating Hours
Monday-Saturday: 8am to 10pm

Email Address

Contact Us
 Phone: +65 8812 7499 or WhatsApp

Vincent Locksmith is, by far, the most recommended locksmith in Singapore. Such a distinction is, of course, the result of providing quick and efficient locksmithing services for more than 20 years.

Among the locks that they install, repair, or replace are:

  • Letterbox locks
  • Room door locks
  • Main door locks
  • Glassdoor locks

Service Highlights:

  • High-Quality Locksmith Services. For more than two decades, they have provided prompt, efficient, and transparent services without fail.
  • Affordable Pricing. Despite being one of the most recognized locksmiths in Singapore, they do not charge customers more.
  • Ethical Locksmithing. Vincent Locksmith believes in honesty. They do not need to bait customers with low prices but charge more in the end.

Google Review Average Rating: 5.0 stars (867 reviews)

Latest Customers Reviews (as of posting of this article):

“Immediate response with great service and advice. Called for assistance and arrived within an hour!” – Joslyn Lim (5 Star Rating)

“Extremely quick service from a lovely, friendly couple. We got locked out of our new home and they came to our rescue in less than 30 minutes. Hopefully we won’t ever get locked out again – but if we do, we know who to call!” – Ruth Kelbrick(5 Star Rating)

Locksmith- Singapore Expert

Price Range:
Prices start at S$50.

Blk 113 Tampines Street 86, #10-39, Singapore 528536

Operating Hours
Monday-Saturday: 8am to 11:30pm

Email Address

Contact Us
Phone: +65 6797 9694

Offering cheap locksmith services can sometimes be counterproductive. Already, some customers believe low prices equate to mediocrity. Not AA Urgent Locksmith, though, because one thing they do is keep proving themselves to be one of the best.

AA Urgent Locksmith can service residential and commercial properties. Their services include repair, installation, and unlocking. If you need to, they can also help with lost car keys replacement or keyless entry replacement.

Service Highlights:

  • Emergency Locksmith Services. One of the best locksmiths to call on short notice is AA Urgent Locksmith. They can usually respond quickly and have someone helping you in under 30 minutes.

Affordable Prices. AA Urgent Locksmith can tell you their prices upfront, and do not charge more. More importantly, their rates are about the same or lower than the competitors.

Google Review Average Rating: 4.9 stars (122 reviews)

Latest Customers Reviews (as of posting of this article):

“Very prompt and hassle free transaction.”- Hadijah Daud(5 Star Rating)

“I would Highly recommend Locksmith. It’s not my first time engaging them for my home and office. Affordable, fast and responsive. Job is done in less than 10 minutes. Great Job! Overall, I’m fully satisfied! Thank You!”- Shaheera Sarfuddin(5 Star Rating)

Price Range:
Prices start at S$50.

170 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 588179 

Operating Hours
Monday-Sunday: 9am to 9pm

Contact Us
Phone: +65 6653 6259 or WhatsApp

Little Locksmith is what you would call a one-stop shop for all things on locks and keys. Besides traditional, mechanical mechanisms, they can also help you with advanced security systems.

Among the common issues they resolve are to replace or repair door installation, rekey master keys. But more than that, they can also install and maintain access control systems.

Service Highlights:

  • Commitment to Customer Satisfaction. Little Locksmith grew their reputation based on one principle – ensuring the security of their clients. And that is why they take every job seriously.

Experience with All Sorts of Locks. Apart from the standard doorknobs, deadbolts, safes, they can help you with digital locks, smart locks, and others.

Google Review Average Rating: 4.9 stars (115 reviews)

Latest Customers Reviews (as of posting of this article):

“Fast response and the locksmith came earlier than expected. Highly recommended.”- Michelle Khoo(5 Star Rating)

“Really impressed with the service. I contacted them at 7pm and at 7:40pm the job was all done! Would highly recommend this to my family and friends. Quick, reliable and professional!” – Nurhakim Omar(5 Star Rating)

Price Range
Prices not indicated. Botox Locksmiths, though, has a reputation of charging reasonable rates.

976 Hougang Street 91, Singapore 530976

Operating Hours
Monday-Sunday: 24/7

Contact Us
Phone: +65 9001 3960; +65 6851 6616

There’s plenty of reasons to call Botak Locksmiths if you’re experiencing lock problems. One is because they offer a 24/7 emergency locked-out service. No matter what lock problems you have, they can take care of it. After all, this is what they had been doing for more than two decades.

Besides locksmith emergencies, they are also adept at replacing car locks, removal of broken keys, changing locks, and more.

Service Highlights:

  • 24/7 Full-range Locksmith Services. Botak has locksmiths across Singapore, ready to remove or repair broken keys on main, garage, and car doors.
  • Experienced Locksmith Technicians. There is almost nothing they cannot fix or repair. Lock changing and installation, they are easy. And that is because every technician has at least 10 years of experience.

Keeping Your Property Safe. During lock installation, lock change, and unlocking of vehicle doors, they take care not to cause damage.

Google Review Average Rating: 4.8 stars (111 reviews)

Latest Customers Reviews (as of posting of this article):

“Friendly and fast service.” – Magdeline Hong(3 Star-Rating)

“Super prompt came down in less than 30 mins and got the job done quickly, thumbs up!” – Justin Teo(5 Star Rating)

Price Range:
Prices start at S$39.

1 Brooke Road, Katong Plaza, Singapore 429979

Operating Hours
Monday-Friday:  8am to 10:30pm
Saturday-Sunday: 9am to 6pm

Contact Us
Phone: +65 8199 9409


First Locks claims to be the best locksmith in Singapore. A bold claim but they can indeed make a case. In all the years that they operated, customers were mostly satisfied. Plus, they also offer some of the cheapest locksmith service rates in Singapore.

Service Highlights:

  • Cheap Prices. Competitive pricing starts at S$35. More importantly, they have excellent locksmith technicians.

Emergency Services. Although they bump up the prices, which is normal, you can have them come to you any time of the day or night.

Google Review Average Rating: 4.6 stars (135 reviews)

Latest Customers Reviews (as of posting of this article):

“Slow waiting time.”- Sean(5 Star-Rating)

“Contacted First Locks to replace my rusty letterbox lock. They were very patient with my inquiry. The technician came to replace my locks during the weekend, kudos for his hard work. Thank you.” – Aster Xue Xinfang(5 Star Rating)

How Did We Rate and Review Each Locksmith Featured Here?

You can find locksmiths all around Singapore. But locks are a matter of security. Hence, your concern is finding technicians who are good at what they do and trustworthy.

And that is why we decided to review locksmith services.

To do that, we have to consider several things, such as legitimacy, years of service, and reputation. We also factored in feedback from their customers.

At any rate, we believe that the list of locksmiths presented in this article is all reputable. You can rest assured that any of them can provide invaluable service to you in times of need.

And the Best Locksmith in Singapore Is?

If we go by reputation, the most recommended company in Singapore is Vincent Locksmith. But that is not to say no one else is not as good. In our list of the most reliable locksmiths, all of them can definitely serve your needs.

When you hire a locksmith, keep these things in mind:

  • Choose a locksmith because of a good reputation, not because of cheap pricing.
  • Emergency locksmith service is more expensive, so be prepared to pay 2 to 3 times more than regular pricing.
  • Because locks concern your security, do not leave technicians alone in your house.

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